10 things most fans don’t know about Anakin and Padme’s relationship

Do Star Wars fans love or hate Anakin Skywalker and the fierce affair of Padma Amidale in The Skywalker Saga, there is no denying that it is an epic love story that matches the scope and vision of George Lucas ’space odyssey. It begins with events in motion that will forever alter the fabric of galactic history, resulting in the creation of one of the most powerful dynasties of the Force the galaxy has ever seen.

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The whole course of Anakin Skywalker’s life as the Chosen One was changed by the meeting of Padma Amidale, and the Queen – and then Senator – Nabooa must reconsider her important responsibility to her people after she knew the Jedi were hoping. It is only appropriate that, no matter how tragically secret how many lovers crossed by the stars had to keep their story, there would be a lot of things Star Wars fans don’t know about their relationship.

10 It is based on appearance

Anakin Skywalker Padme Amidala

Fans never knew that the scarred face of a teenage idol was hiding under Vader’s terrifying helmet, but after Hayden Christensen got the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, they could see how the naughty Jedi knight could steal the heart of Naboo’s senator.

In “Love Featurette” for the DVD commentary on the film, actress Natalie Portman explained why Padme fell in love with Anakin, and it seems that most of her basic explanation included his physical attraction. Among other aspects was that he encouraged her to be less serious and that his “dark darkness” made him an alluring “bad boy”.

9 It was almost a teenage love story

In a 1999 interview with Empire magazine, George Lucas was honest about the love story between Anakin and Padme that began Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, acknowledging the fans’ problems with the fact that Anakin was 9 years old when he met Padme, and she 14.

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Lucas knew that the fans who had the most to say about their relationship would be in their 20s and 30s, but he stuck to his beliefs and made a film for everyone. “I knew I made Anakin 15 instead of nine, then he would be more marketable. If I made the queen 18 instead of 14, then he would be more marketable.” he said, noting the view that Anakin should have been at that age for separation from his mother to be more significant.

8 It is based on Romeo and Juliet

The theme of star-lovers is present in the dramatic narrative from the dawn of Greek theater, from which William Shakespeare drew heavily. His famous play “Romeo and Juliet” influenced the forbidden romance between Padme and Anakin.

In the same “Love Featurette” for a DVD commentary from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, the writers explain how the timelessness of the love story of Romeo and Juliet is reflected in the separation of Anakin’s position in the Jedi Order and the role of Amidala as the diplomatic representative of the Republic.

7 Lucas knew fans wouldn’t like it

Star Wars Padma and Anakin

In the same interview, Lucas further explained that the concept of a “love story” is important to the Prequel trilogy,, even though he knew the fans probably wouldn’t like it. He knew that fans could have a short-sighted view of movies and might not appreciate the love story that dominates the adventure saga, but to him, “Star Wars [is] composed of different themes. This is not just one topic. “.

Although he always did Star Wars “for kids,” he admitted, they may not like the “unfortunate things” Anakin and Padme fall in love with, so they had to find a way to make it satisfying for both children and adults.

6 Training as an older Padua made Anakin tied to Padme

Anakin participates in a cardinal offense against the Jedi Order; forming attachments. In the DVD commentary for Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Lucas explains that this was possible because he was trained for the Jedi much later than he should have.

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“If they had taken him in his first year and started studying to be a Jedi, he would not have had such a strong bond as he did and he would have been trained to love people, but not to bond with them. “Lucas repeats, acknowledging that part of Anakin is still capable of bonding passed from his mother to Padme.

5 The Jedi Order did not forbid them to be intimate

Anakin Padme Geonosis

Although the Jedi were forbidden to attach themselves to anyone for fear of the Jedi leading to possessiveness, Lucas was very clear in separating the views of the Jedi Order on love from his perspective on the intimacy a Jedi might experience with another person.

“Jedi knights are not celibate,” he explained in an interview with BBC News in 2002. “Bonding is forbidden – and possessive relationships.” This makes Anakin’s deception even more painful; technically he could always tell Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had a reputation for insight but an open mind.

4 Obi-Wan might have known all that

During the trilogy, Prequel Anakin is not very subtle about his feelings for Padme, and his thoughts betray him to his master. Obi-Wan Kenobi looks hardly surprised Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith when he learns that Anakin is the father of Padme’s child, and there may have been a precedent for it.

Last season Star Wars: Clone Wars, Obi-Wan almost engages in a private holovid conversation between Anakin and Padme. Captain Rex prevents him, but Obi-Wan knows that his apprentice and senator communicate regularly. He says to Anakin, “I hope you at least told Padme I greeted him,” implying that he knows about their budding relationship.

3 Ahsoka definitely knew that

Anakin Skywalker Padme Amidala Forces of Destiny

During his apprenticeship with Anakin, Ahsoka Tano received hints of his relationship with Padme at various times. There were a lot of episodes Star Wars: Clone Wars which confirmed this, like the “blue shadow virus,” when she saw how frightened Anakin was by the loss of Padme from the deadly virus.

In a web series The forces of destiny Star Wars, she confirmed the suspicions. In the episode “Unexpected Company,” Obi-Wan sent her to accompany Padme and Anakin on a mission that was supposed to give them some time together. Instead, Ahsoka was the third wheel to see Anakin and Padme in an embrace.

2 He was born out of selfishness

Padme and Anakin in the Revenge of the Sith

By the time Anakin’s feelings reappeared towards Padme Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, he “committed himself to the Jedi Order, an obligation that is not easy to break” according to his master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He also knows that he must respect the faith given to him by Qui-Gon Jinn, who believed he was the Chosen One.

Padme has similar responsibilities and obligations that develop her character, and according to actress Natalie Portman, it is really a fight for Padme. “Can she be selfish? And fall in love with herself when I have all those aspirations and things I have to fulfill.” Actor Hayden Christensen also said his loyalty to the Jedi, along with his passion for Padme, created a similar conflict, as well as confusion, anger and anxiety.

1 It continues in the Darth Vader comic

Darth Vader comics reviving Padme

In the fourth issue of the magazine Darth Vader, Lord Sith returns to Naboo, the planet where he spent several glorious months protecting Senator Amidala in their youth. He searches for the truth about Padme’s death and the fate of his “unborn” children and finds nothing but painful memories of the past.

His quest to “stop people from dying” could not save Padmé, but he continues to use the power of the dark side to revive her. U Star Wars: Darth Vader of the 2017 series, he eventually builds his castle on Mustafar and uses Sit from the Old Republic to help him channel the power of opening the door to the underworld. Vader opens the portal in an attempt to revive Padme.

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