10 people arrested for attacking Lagos working group officials, 96 motorcycles seized – Punch Newspapers

Ten people were arrested for assaulting men at the Lagos State Environmental Protection and Sanitation Working Unit (Lagos) during the implementation of state traffic laws on Tuesday.

The suspects were allegedly arrested during the riots that broke out in the areas of Ojodu and Obanikoro while the men from the working group were carrying out the execution in different parts of the state.

A statement Tuesday added that no less than 96 commercial motorcycles operating on highways and other restricted routes were seized, adding that four drivers who were driving against traffic were arrested.

“Some people have teamed up with motorcycle drivers around Ojodu Gymnasium to resist a move by a working group to seize motorcycles seized during the execution.

“As they got lost, armed with iron bars and broken bottles, the police officers, led by the chairman of the working group, SP Sholom Jejeloje, repulsed the attack.

“Also in Obanikor, motorcyclists, seeing the law enforcement team, threw stones at the police of the working group. Police arrested four people. One person was arrested in Oyota, “the statement said.

She quoted Jejeloye’s statement that the working group would not give in to its activities to bring reason back to the roads.

He said, “We are not surprised by the attack on us by some hooligans in Obanikor and Oyodu for carrying out the mandate given to this team by the Lagos government. But this will never deter us from spreading enforcement to other areas of states where notorious road users and motorcyclists have been a nuisance. “