10 Funniest Memes Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, awkward mechanics, stupid oversights, and generally belligerence of players can result in events unfolding in a comical way.

Like many Rockstar games, Red Dead Redemption 2 there are quite a few hilarious and unexpected situations that the developers probably didn’t intend. Freaky mechanics, stupid oversights, and generally belligerence of players can result in events unfolding in a comical way.

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These comic circumstances can often be captured as a visual meme using sometimes unrelated images and ghostly captions. Many who love this western-themed adventure can connect with them and laugh sincerely, because that’s exactly what memes are. The best from the crowd will sound special in terms of relativity and hilarity.

10 One of them is not like the other …

what it feels like to enter the corner of a stage while wearing a flashy costume.

One of these things is obviously a person in a striking costume, while everyone else is in the usual scenography clothes. This is very similar to the feeling when a player dresses in the skin of an impressive animal they have hunted or other brightly colored clothing. NPCs may not care, or even notice them, but this sharp apathy in front of the fantastic can make the situation even more fun.

9 Leaving the horse

red dead ransom 2 horse betrayal.

Players can get more horses Red Dead 2however, only one can be ridden at a time, which means that only the best can cheat on adventures. The others, though not harassed, simply hang out in the barn; unable to truly gallop freely as they should. As the player leaves the stables with his favorite horse, the others may watch jealously, and perhaps indignantly.

8 Between rock and wood

memes about the path of a horse in red dead redemption 2.

Sometimes horseback riding in video games leaves a lot to be desired. The speed at which someone moves also gives little time to correct the course in the last second, which will leave the AI ​​at the forefront for key moments. Due to the varied terrain and somewhat awkward kickboxes, there are often situations where a player’s horse simply can’t do anything better than bump into a tree or drive a hoof against a rock.

7 “There’s a snake in my boot!”

a meme comparing the protagonist of Red Dead 2 to Woody from a toy story.

With all the different clothing options, Arthur Morgan’s look can get pretty wild. Some pairing of clothes can even allow the player to play a role like other Western-themed characters.

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He dressed like Woody from Toy Story will make any player want to single out famous one-liners from animated Pixar movies as they roar around the old west.

6 Better than the real thing

meme about fishing on red dead redemption 2 is better than real fishing.

When simply going out can be dangerous these days, real fishing is hard to come by. Fortunately, imitating sports in video games has come a long way. Fishing u Red Dead 2 is so relaxing and satisfying that time simply flows like a passing current in one of the many beautiful lakes and rivers.

5 Proper use of anti-red eye mechanics

how some people like to use red eye mechanics in red dead redemption 2.

There is killing the enemy and then excessive killing. Certainly, the Deadeye function is intended for the player to help equalize the chances when facing multiple enemies, however, when a single target is present, the use seems unnecessary. Although ‘unnecessary’ is often an unwavering companion of merriment, and blasting the same bandit a dozen times with a gun can result in very satisfying and ridiculous outcomes.

4 Serious journey

meme on how a player starts and ends with a red dead buyout 2.

Westerns are quite dramatized in popular culture, which is why some expect a romantic story about a brave hero in an honorable quest in the west.

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However, players are entering RDR2 with this notion in mind it will be a surprise as the realism of this game can be hard to guess and leave a lasting impression.

3 Polarization reactions

a meme about how players feel when they kill things.

Fighting in the game is quite fun and completely intends the player to go crazy in gun battles, which can result in a massive number of kills; the higher the number, the more blood will be extinguished. The opposite is true, in that accidental killing of a living being in RDR2 it can be almost traumatic because of how much the game immerses the player. Unfortunately, dogs do not have as much health, and even a bump on them can result in death. If nothing else, this is an incentive to get better at riding … if someone’s horse’s path allows it.

2 The worst moment

when someone’s parent enters them playing this game.

There is a great variety of things you can experience in this huge western-themed game. Most refer to going to the American border, experiencing life in simpler time with frequent gunfire. In contrast, there are situations where players will come across sinister and disturbing content that guarantees a rating for those over 17 years of age. If they live with another person, it is possible for them to get into the wrong moment and gain a far darker impression of the game than reality, which can raise embarrassing questions.

1 Familiar last words

meme about looking at things the wrong way in red dead ransom 2.

This comic illustrates the first step in many setbacks RDR2 players can be found by simply looking around. For a game that emphasizes the morality of one’s actions, it is terribly easy to kill innocent creatures, be they a man, a dog, or a horse. After a player inevitably experiences a few “accidents,” maybe things will start to look a little further … just in case.

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