10 Fox movies that should air on Disney +

Given that many Fox movies are switching to Disney +, it would be great to see some of these beloved movies, many of which are 100% family-friendly.

Since the Disney + streaming service debuted, many users have wondered when 20th Century Fox movies will migrate to the new service. It took time, but movies about Fox are finally starting to appear on the service, but not all movies are inherited from the production company, or will ever see the light of day at Disney +, most of them because of their content.

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For a mature audience, most adult Fox movies will stay on Hulu, but with the announcement of a new Disney Star service that will broadcast Fox “adult” movies, one has to wonder if Fox plans to bring more movies to the popular Disney + streaming service.

10 The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Disney + the day after tomorrow

With the threat of climate change, this would be a great movie for Disney to add to the Disney + catalog. The film follows a climate scientist who discovered that climate change would soon create devastation on earth.

It was a moderate hit at the box office at the time, and mild scenes of swearing and muffled destruction (released just three years after 9/11) make for a family disaster film, with little education.

9 Ice Age (2002)

Disney + Ice Age

There are already two Ice Age movies in the Disney + catalog, so it would be logical for Misha to add a movie to his catalog that started it all. Ice Age it premiered in 2002, sometime at a time when 3D animation was displacing traditional, 2D animated films and was a big hit at the box office. It is family-friendly and meets the criteria set by the streaming service for its movies.

8 Like Mike (2002)

Disney + as Mike

He plays Lil ‘Bow Wow as a pint-sized basketball player who goes through the NBA, Like Mike could easily have been a Disney movie. There are almost no swear words in the film, and it is suitable for a younger service audience, which confuses why the film was not added to the catalog. It’s time to add Like Mike in the Disney + catalog.

7 Aliens in the Attic (2009)

Disney + Aliens in the Attic

Many viewers may not remember 2009 Aliens in the attic, which tells the story of a family who must defend their holiday home from an alien invasion from outer space.

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While there may be intense moments for younger viewers, Aliens in the attic check all the boxes that will be included in Disney +. In addition, one of the stars of the film is Ashley Tisdale, who was the main star in the Disney Channel phenomenon, High School Musical.

6 Ramona and Beezus (2010)

Back in 2010, Selena Gomez was one of Disney’s rising stars, and one of her first starring roles was in Ramona and Beezus, based on a book from 1955 which is the first in Ramona a series of books.

The film did moderately well at the box office, but has since recently slipped under the radar. However, a child-friendly vow makes it a great choice to get involved at Disney +.

5 The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Disney + The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This restart Planet of the Apes the series was one of the greatest films of the year and led to a new trilogy that revolved around the evolution of monkeys and how they became the dominant species on Earth.

Although subsequently Planet of the Apes movies have more content that may be too intense for children, The rise of the ape planet it’s pretty tame and no more intense than the Star Wars movies, which have their own subdivision at your service.

4 The Maze Runner (2014)

Disney + Maze Runner

Published during the “teen science fiction” era in the late 2000s and early 2010s, A maze runner it tells of a group of children being thrown in the middle of an elaborate maze system, and they have to figure out a way out and why they were sent there at all.

The film was a hit at the box office that year, and although it was rated PG-13, there isn’t enough adult content to take it out of the Disney + catalog.

3 Edward scissors (1990)

Disney + Edward scissors

One of Tim Burton’s best films, Edward Scissorhands was a success at the box office in 1990. While it can be seen why Disney + would omit this film from its lineup, an argument should be made as to why it should be included.

It’s not overly mature, and the good feel of the film might be family-friendly. After re-evaluation over the years, Edward Scissorhands tends to be a family movie, which is why it should be included on Disney +.

2 Rookie of the Year (1993)

Before the 1990s, Fox didn’t actually make films aimed at families, much less with children in mind. Later Home alone however, Fox saw a market for films made with children in mind, and one of the films that came out afterHome alone was 1993 Rookie of the Year.

Starring Thomas Ian Nicholas as a kid who ends up asking questions for the Chicago Cubs, the film is a fun film that kids will get into, even if it’s a bit outdated.

1 Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Mrs. Doubtfire

The movie that pushed the late Robin Williams to superstar status, Mrs. Doubtfire it’s a warm, tender film showing how the family functions after a divorce.

It was one of the highest-grossing films of the year and was consistently ranked as one of the best comedies ever made, making it odd why Disney + didn’t immediately add this classic to its catalog.

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